Minamiuonuma Original Kyodoryori

How Japanese education system creates “young entrepreneurs”

Note: in order to respect school regulation and protect students’ privacy, no picture to upload

Today my Lao friend, Bpao, and I visited an elementary school in Minamiuonuma city. We introduced our countries’ profile and culture.

As a response, the students taught us Japanese traditional games, especially for welcoming new year. I learned new things. I know about “funny face game”, “card guessing game”, spinning wheel (gasing in Bahasa), and many more!

Interestingly, in order to practice “home economics” course, fifth and sixth grade students cooked particular dishes. They were divided into four different groups. Each team presented different cuisine.

They served shitake and maitake mushroom and other vegetable-based menu. They utilized local farm products in this city. Empowering local community is a great concept!

They played role as restaurant businessmen. Their customers and judges are their classmates, teachers, and us! We would decide the winner by giving a piece of chopsticks. The champion is the team who obtains as many as chopsticks. It was very interesting!

Unfortunately, I am fasting today. I cannot eat and drink before sunset. However, I still could participate as a judge by evaluating presentation aspect. It was great opportunity to explain Islam, my religion. Thankfully, students and teachers understand and welcome me kindly. I have to say thank you for this.

Understanding and respecting each other is important and so far I am treated well by community during my study tenure in Japan.

The home economics lesson, in my opinion, is a crucial foundation for kids in order to develop entrepreneurships. Indonesian educational system should adopt and adapt it. Right now!


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