Me and My Cycle, a Déjà Vu

By Yacob Yahya
(586 words)

My little vehicle always takes me searching for my dreams. After for years separated, we are reunited again. This is a brief story.

I have a bicycle. Sepeda jengki, “Phoenix” branded. It has accompanied me for 15 years. What a loyal pal. And now on, at least during a month forward, the two wheels will accompany me… again.

My later father –we all lost him, died in Holy Ramadan– bought the cycle for my school transportation. That time was 1994, my first junior high school moment. I was in Pati 3 State Junior High School (SMP Negeri 3 Pati). The school is situated at Jalan Kol. Sugiyono Number 17. The street is taken from the school establisher’s name, a military person Mr. Sugiyono, who killed in Yogyakarta on 30 September 1965, in “the darkest history of bloody failed coup” -he is one of Revolution Heroes (Pahlawan Revolusi). Together with SMP Negeri 1 Pati, it was the most favourable junior high school, and now it is known as the best school in Pati.

My family and I live on Jalan Kyai Saleh in Kaborongan Pati Lor Pati Sub-district (kecamatan) Pati Municipal (kabupaten) Central Java Province. It is not more than three kilometers from my school.

Everyday I go to school by bike.

I study hard enough. I always in the best class three years consecutively. Class 1A, 2A, and 3A. Finally, I pass summit exam, I am seventh best graduate from my school.

Three years later, in 1997, I studied in Pati 1 State Senior High School (SMU Negeri 1 Pati). It is the most favorable senior high school in our city. I’m really glad allowed study there. It is approximately three kilometers from my home.

Everyday I go to school by the same bike. There is something “chemistry” between us.

Every I wake up in the morning, I clean it. I pump the wheels. I check all of parts so that I’m ready to go to school. I’m really proud of the bike. I don’t care if my school mates have motorcycle or other luxurious vehicles. They are have no effect on your achievement.

Thanks God, I pass well. I’m the first best graduate from my school, sorry, of the town.

Next chapter: I study in Accounting Department Faculty of Economics Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, one of the most prestigious campus in the country, in 2000. I have to say goodbye to my pal, my bike.

My young brother use it, he start to go to senior high school.

Four years later, in 2004, I graduate with cum laude predicate. I start to search job. I go to Jakarta, capital of this country. And I work as journalist for almost four year. And then, in 2008, I return to Yogyakarta, marry someone I love.

Faith makes me return to Pati. I pass a test series, which consists of four stages, entering Department of Finance. And now I am future public servant, in General Directorate Tax corps. I have to pass the apprentice period for a month at Pati Primary Tax Service Office (Kantor Pelayanan Pajak Pratama Pati).

I’m really happy I have an opportunity to accompany my mom at home, since my dad passed away in October 2007.

And faith unites us too: my bike and I. Every morning I go to office, not more than a kilometer, I ride my bike. What a special reunion. And please, take me once again to reach my dreams. On the old two wheels, I chase my future…

To make my family happy, to make my wife proud, to serve people and country.


4 responses to “Me and My Cycle, a Déjà Vu

  1. Amin…Amin…like i’ve said Cob, you’re one of my amazingly smart humble friends. Hope your future will be great and bright.

  2. Upik,
    Thx v much pal, you’re my amazing friend too… Hope you’ll find success…

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  4. wach ceritanya benar benar menginspirasi pak…saya angkatan 98 smpn 3 pati.

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