Photo Gallery: AJI Jakarta’s Mayday, from Year to Year

Who controls the past now controls the future

Who controls the present now controls the past

(German Ideology by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, quoted by Rage Against The Machine, in Testify song, Battle of Los Angeles album)

I myself take the Mayday action four times, since 2005. I join Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (AJI). AJI is a journalist organization that states journalist is a part of the working class. AJI joins a labour alliance, Protesting Labours Alliance (Aliansi Buruh Menggugat -ABM).

I don’t have any 2005 AJI’s Mayday photographs collection. So, hereby the collection of last three years. Just check out these pictures.

2008: Erase Outsourcing and Contract System, Against Neoliberalism (all photos by Adri Irianto, a freelance photographer, AJI Jakarta member)

Head of Trade Union Division AJI Jakarta Winuranto Adhi opens the action in front of Asian Agri Building, at Teluk Betung Street 30-32. The company is owned by Sukanto Tanoto, a tycoon who is investigated by Tax General Directorate of because the company doesn’t pay Rp1,5 trillion tax yet. AJI mass set to march joining Aliansi Buruh Menggugat (ABM) mass at Bunderan Hotel Indonesia.

“Catch Sukanto Tanoto” stickers put on wall next to gate of Asian Agri Building. Behind the gatedoor, a building keeper (satpam) close the door.

“Labours control, people wealthy” poster by Carrefour Indonesia Trade Union (SPCI). The poster faces police choper in the air.

Build self-reliance and strong national industry!

Solid mass chanting the yells.

“Labors must unite!” Nining of Indonesian Trade Union Alliance Congress (Kasbi) sends her speech on the Thamrin-Sarinah crossroad. Kasbi is a member of ABM.

AJI mass bring a statue symbolizing a figure of a journalist refuse envelopism and struggle for Rp4,1 million a month proper wage.

Reog performance entertains the mass. Reog is traditional attraction believed from Ponorogo, East Java.

A chest-naked boy in front of policemen on National Monument Square, in front of State Palace.

2007: Fight to Reach Proper Wage (photos by Yacob Yahya and Adri Irianto)

AJI mass leave Bunderan HI to march to State Palace joining ABM.

Smiling Miss Universe baliho greets the spiritful mass heading to State Palace.

Journalists refuse envelopism, fight for proper wage AJI’s poster.

Winuranto Adhi deliver his speech in front of thousands people joining ABM, “Journalist is a part of working class!”

2006: The Biggest Mass Ever, Refuse Manpowership Law Revision -UU 13/2003 (all photos by Yacob Yahya)

AJI Jakarta General Secretary Margiyono holding megaphone speaks out his speech.

A police choper looming over Jakarta, watching the mass movement.

An exhausted man lies on the road after a long march. A snack trader walking behind him.

Rain makes the mass retreat before reach the final destination at the noon.


4 responses to “Photo Gallery: AJI Jakarta’s Mayday, from Year to Year

  1. Buruh bersatu tak bisa dikalahkan…..

  2. Yup… sepakat bulat!

  3. kemana aja bung?kok nggak pernah kelihatan di aji jak?

  4. Marwan,
    Sejak Agustus, aku dah pindah ke Yogya… salam buat semua kawan AJI Jak. Kapan-kapan aku bertandang ke sana.

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