Hukumonline’s New Soccer Jersey

Here we are, we wear a brand new football jersey… Wanna see it?

Friday, December 28, 2007. Razak distributes our soccer uniform. Blue sky-dark blue-yellow cross. Nice simple, isn’t it? Dika has designed it. Kucing Garong Football Club… We are ready to catch ya, rawrl…

Striker Yacob, Midfielder Nikki, and Goalie Imam at new transfer journalists meet and greet session. Photo by Hermansyah.

“I’m the great wall,” said Defender Dedy, shows front-view costum. Photo by Yacob.

“I don’t get my shirt,” complain sub-goalie Popon…

“Neither do I. No portion for foreign player,” said the Aussie Rob.

“The girls don’t have either,” said Mona and Sey with no expression.

Next season (maybe), pals… Keep cheers and greet new year…


3 responses to “Hukumonline’s New Soccer Jersey

  1. bikin dimana? lg nyari info tempat bikin baju bola yg murah dan bagus di jakarta selatan.

  2. Fahry,
    Sory, bukan aku yang memesan, tapi Andhika. Sori kalo gak bisa bantu…

  3. wah klo bisa tanyain atuh. berapaan harganya?

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