Hukumonline Razors Republik BBM

Kumies futsal club continues its victories. On Monday (30/7) ‘Kucing Garong’ hammers Republik BBM crews, at Hangar Pancoran Futsal Indoor Stadium. The result is uncounted. Republik BBM is famous teve program, broadcasted by Metrotv weekly. The program is full of political parody and sharp criticizm, as a reflection of Indonesia recent social-politic condition.

In the match, The Dreaming Country is strengthened by Politic Communication Advisor Effendy Ghazali, Vice President Jarwo Kwat, Former President Habudi, and other crews. Effendy and Habudi take their role as goal getters. Unfortunately, they were exhausted and out of stamina -a cause of their lost of the match. In the other side, Razak leads as Hukumonline goalmachine.

Nowadays, Hukumonline is prepared to participate Freedom Award 2007. The championship is held by Alliance of Independent Journalists (Aliansi Jurnalis Independen, AJI), to celebrate the organizaton’s 13th anniversary. The tournament is scheduled to start on 4 August. Unfortunately, according to information from AJI insider, the organisation is going to cancel the competition. “AJI’s core competence is not sport such as futsal, but journalism. Afterall, we fail to get sponsorship,” he said.

However, Hukumonline is continuing the process to reach success story. Hukumonline stamps every oponent convidentially. Airputih Community, Indonesia Bar Association (Asosiasi Advokat Indonesia, AAI), and several lawfirms are defeated. The club is led by Ibrahim Assegaf, full-committed owner. Ibrahim made significant transfer-in in this season, buying potential new comers such as Ali, Popon, Niki, etc.

Kumies has legendary goal-keeper, Lev-Yashin. Actually, his sure name is Muhammad Yasin. Because he always goes to Daniel Lev Library, people call him Lev-Yashin. Yasin can play a role as a great goalie, as well as a goal-thirsty striker. Unfortunately, the player wasn’t available in several last games. However, the club still possesses ‘secret weapon’, Australian player Rob Baiton.



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