I Lost My Sats…

During this month, I could not enjoy my weekends, especially on Saturday. Hiks hiks… 

7 July, I had to go to Aliansi Jurnalis Independen Jakarta (AJI Jakarta, Jakarta Alliance of Independent Journalists) joining monthly trade union discussion. Not bad, because I had materials to write a news. The news is about a journalist sacked because of her article. She is pregnant and prepared herself to bear her first kid. That time, I wanted to write a news with ‘human interest’ approach. I’m satisfied with the result. One of sources, Abdullah Alamudi, Press Chamber member, said that my news is good and interesting. Well, no pain no gain.

13-14 July, I had to go to Novotel Bogor. I had assigment to report Bank Ekspor Indonesia (Indonesia Export Bank, a state owned bank whose core activity providing export-import credits and other financial facilities related to exim activities).

21 July, my big bro’s wedding party. My parents and I had to go to Kelapa Gading. A group consisting 15 people from Pati came too. My parents stayed for a week. Well, I had an accompanion at my dorm. It made me full of spirits to do my jobs and activities.

28 July, my big bro’s traditional wedding seremony. The party is held with Karo tradition. I had to prepare myself from dawn to evening. The party is held at Pertamina Gathering Building in Cempaka Putih. What an exhausting day. Next day, I had to take my parents to Lebak Bulus Bus Terminal. They had to go home to Pati. Hiks, my dorm became quiet and I was alone… A day before, on Friday 27 July, I had to celebrate my office’s 7th birthday. I came house at 12 o’clock at night. What a busy week.

Next Saturday, 4 August, I was scheduled joining AJI’s monthly trade union discussion. Huaaa… my Sats are gone…

(PS: I want to practice my English. So, if you find some mistakes in my writing, just tell me. I will be very glad. Thank you very much)


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